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My teaching experience includes teaching in the public school system since 2003 (I am licensed in the state of Virginia to teach art Pre K- 12) privately, through  Market Gallery, LLC in Roanoke, VA., The Studio School in Roanoke, VA. (at Towers Mall), and 310 Art Gallery at the Rivers Edge Art Complex in Asheville, NC.                                                    


I am available to travel and I offer a full range of private lessons for adults and children. 


Email me for more info! I am here to help you reach your creative goals!


  • For 2023 (Please email me with interest.)

I am offering a variety of online and private classes to assist you in your creative process                         and the ability to stay creative if you prefer online classes and mentoring.  

Please email me for interest and more descriptions.  

These classes are available:

  • Encaustic (beginning and advanced)

  • Basic/Experimental Drawing

  • Cold wax and Oil (beginning and advanced)

  • EcoPrinting-Cyanotype

  • Printmaking without a Press

  • Mixed Media and Collage (including WabiSabi)

  • Art Critiques and Individual One on One Studies/Mentoring



  • By request. 


Location:  The Studio School, Roanoke, VA

Teen and Adult Classes Offered

Upper Level Towers Mall  

  • Adult, Teen , and Children's Classes​​:

  I will be coming back to the Studio School in January 2024 with all new day and evening classes!

  Please email me for interest and more information via my contact page. 



Location:  310 Art Gallery, Asheville, N.C.




follow the link to sign up.

I will be teaching two lessons called, New Dimensions in 3-D with Encaustic. You will learn how to prepare a substrate and a plethora of techniques to create your own voice on the structures you build. 

A year-long course that is devoted to studying best practices in Encaustic painting. 

26+ world renowned Encaustic artists sharing their knowledge and expertise on all aspects of this wonderful medium plus you get to peek into their practice and see what is behind the scenes and what inspires them. Plus a look at their studio setup!

Over 50 hours of tuition for one low price of $289.


Classes delivered each Wednesday approximately 12 noon EST as prerecorded video and once they are available you can watch whenever you wish.

Lifetime access to all classes. Weekly classes are approximately 60 mins or longer.

Work along, at your leisure or just watch, and jump in when you are ready.

There will also be basic instruction videos as a bonus, if you need to get a little of the basics before you get to the fabulous fancy stuff.

Asheville Print Studio:

  • Encaustic Explorations in Printmaking

2024 (TBD)

This workshop will concentrate on demos and learning printing techniques on paper with pigmented beeswax. One of a kind prints are created using simple mark making with pigment bars, brushes, silicone subtractive tools, wooden print blocks, and stencils, etc.  Prints can be single-pass images which leave areas of the paper open, or they may be overprinted many times creating layered depth of color.  We will explore working with different tools, different types and sizes of paper, and techniques.

Bring a bag lunch for a 30 minute lunch break.

  • Cold Wax Alchemy-                                                                                                                                                                         

Wednesday October 4th and Thursday 5th - 10AM to 4PM                                                                                                                             Includes most all materials, see below for additional supplies.

Discover the beautiful layers, textures, and marks that only oil and cold wax can achieve finding inspiration within our own marks, compositions and intuition. We will explore various techniques, working methods, surfaces, and effects possible with the cold wax medium and oil as a surface treatment to create completed paintings. Plenty of demos! All skill levels would benefit from this class, especially beginners.

Gina will provide cold wax, some oils, samples of Arches Oil paper, birch panels, and other samples of substrates, and some shared tools.

Additional tools will be available for sale.

  • New Dimensions With Encaustic: Taking Encaustic into 3D - 2024                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Pricing includes materials, tools and equipment.                                                                                                                                           Beginners welcome. And if you have prior experience with Encaustic you can enhance your skills and go to a new level with your work!. Gina will cover safety and basics of Encaustics as needed. for all participants.A totem is considered something (such as an animal or plant) that is the symbol for a family, tribe, etc., especially among Native Americans or a carved or painted form, or a person or thing that represents an idea.In this workshop we will dive right in exploring the sculptural possibilities of plaster cloth, wax and encaustic making a totem and shield which best represents your personal idea or creative desire. Rigid and absorbent when dry, plaster cloth makes a wonderful support for dimensional encaustic work. Once the form is created, we will apply Encaustic medium and fuse it to the sculptural composition using a variety of techniques. In the class, we will have a 12” disc and 12” rectangular shape to use as a base for the plaster cloth. As the structures near completion, you will learn how to add found or small personal objects into the sculptures to create your ‘totem’ and discuss ways to finish and display your totem. As we create, we will contemplate our forms and their meanings to us personally - you can even to go abstract.           Gina will bring the two forms, plaster cloth, decorative papers, Encaustic Medium and pigments, oil sticks, oil pastels, and tools.                           

  • Optional - Bring your own decorative papers, ephemera, small nails, thin fabrics, found objects, dried organic matter such as seed pods small twigs and leaves, buttons, etc. Bring paper towels, Wet Ones, and Scissors.

  • Wabi-Sabi Mixed Media Accordion and Bound Books with Gina Louthian-Stanley 


This is a great way to create enchanting, mystical mixed media works and fold and bind them into small books or journals! 

The Wabi-Sabi aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”. 

Learn a new way to approach mixed media collage! We will also learn three ways to create image transfers. 

Each participant will have access to sponge brushes, a variety of patterned, and fibrous papers, and two large base sheets of watercolor paper 

to collage onto, gel medium, permanent waterproof pens, various inks, acrylics, and stains will be shared with the class. 

The bookbinding materials will also be provided. 

The first day, we will make pages and covers, the second day you will make one bound book and one accordion book. 


Please bring scissors, paper towels, and wet ones. If you have these on hand: vintage papers, ephemera, feathers, beads, charms, handwritten paper, laser copies with small images 

(3” or less to fit the base papers) You can never have enough paper!

Beginners welcome. 


AT Market Gallery

  • Coming Soon:     Contact Gina for more info!                                                                                                                                                       

Reviews and Comments:


"Gina is one of the shing star instructors from which I have had the pleasure of gleaning a lot of information in a fairly short block of time.  Her demeanor is exciting, cheerful, and filled with human kindness.  She is among one of the most creative artists I  know and always going in a new direction. I wish Gina all the success she deserves."  Beverly White.  Salem, VA


"Gina's classes are packed full of demo's, discussion, hands on technique,and plenty of supplies to use at your leisure. 

With most all of the supplies included I didn't mind venturing into a new media without spending extra for supplies. The end result, I am hooked and have meet yet another amazing instructor. When's the next class?" Penny S., VA.


"Oh, what FUN!  I learned so much in Gina's class on Cold Wax.  She is very knowledgable and makes learning a pleasure.  Can't wait to take  another workshop with her."  Barbara Norman Lashley

"I've travelled far to take classes, and I have to say Gina is a jewel of an instructor right here in the Roanoke Valley. I'm very excited to get this        instruction right here at home!" G. C.​

"I can not tell you how much I learned! Gina is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and inspired me so much!" S.R. ​

"Thank you for helping me develop my vision in printmaking!" A.S.​

"I walked away from your class with work I enjoyed creating, and will hang it in my home. I also love your teaching style." P.T.​

"You have encouraged me to step outside the box by presenting options on how to move forward, thank you!" A.D.​

"I could watch your demos all day! I have learned so much!" S.M.

"I really appreciated the fact that you met me on my level of awareness and that you took the time to connect to each participant. Thank you!" T.P.

  • If you desire group or private lessons,  I can schedule a class at my home studio or your location. 

      Hourly/Daily rates will be quoted upon inquiry.

      Please contact me by email in regards to private lessons, workshops and classes. I teach a variety of classes and workshops in my studio, at         the Studio School in Roanoke, VA, 310 Art Gallery in Asheville, N.C. or location of your choice.

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