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About Gina

Gina Louthian-Stanley is a multi-media artist, writer, and workshop instructor living in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Discovering printmaking, Louthian-Stanley created her thesis works in monotype and has primarily been a monotype printmaker since the late 70'S. While many areas of art and types of media interest Gina, she began her ‘wax’ journey in 2006. She masters the versatility, permanence, and textures of wax, both hot (encaustic), and cold wax (medium), which allows for the deep layers found in her work. She also utilizes these mediums for printmaking, a build-up of layers creating luminous color and textures enhance her ethereal works. Each work usually begins without a preconceived image. Stanley's works represent the physical and emotional sensations, which carry the viewer into an intimate visual narrative, typically relating to the nature around her.


Louthian-Stanley pursued an interest in continuing her creative endeavors and earned her B.A. Degree from Hollins University and followed by a Master's Degree from Radford University. Gina was invited to be one of the 26 Master Instructors for Painting With Fire based in Mulranny Ireland. She will be teaching 3-D Methods. She has received many artistic honors and awards, and she has been recognized for her accomplishments by having works in several books and publications; Cold Wax Techniques and Conversations by Rebecca Crowell and Jerry Mc Laughlin, and most recently she was a featured artist in the inaugural January 2019 edition of The Woven Tale Press along with a 2018 website review on the WTP site by Richard Malinsky . She was featured in the Spring (June) 2019 Edition of Encaustic Arts Magazine. She has works included in the Encaustic Art Institute Permanent Collection, Cerrillos, New Mexico, Pierre Daura Gallery (Permanent Collection), Lynchburg, VA., and the  Virginia Western Community College, Living Gallery (VWCC Permanent Collection), Roanoke, VA, to name a few. Her work is part of personal and corporate collections nationally and internationally. Her work can be seen at Market Gallery in Roanoke, VA., Matrix Gallery in Blacksburg, VA., 310 Art Gallery in Asheville, NC, The Copper Fox Gallery, Franklin, TN, and at her home studio in Roanoke, VA by appointment.

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